Comparison Between and Google Maps in Finding Shortest Routes

Tools are available on the Internet to help you find the fastest route and calculate the distance between multiple locations.

Nowadays, everyone is on the go. We all have places to go and want to get there as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you find the fastest route and calculate distance between numerous locations. One of the most popular is Google Maps. Here, in this content, we will show how to use Google Maps and discuss another distance calculator website namely which makes your travel much easier.

How to find Shortest Route with Google Maps?

Google Maps is a free Internet map supplied by Google. It's available as a mobile app or as a browser extension. Google Maps may be used to get step-by-step directions, find out about local businesses, and much more.

If you have a smartphone, you can utilize the Google Maps app. This software may provide you with free turn-by-turn directions, which means your phone will notify you when to turn left, perform a U-turn, or simply continue driving.

Google makes it easy to plan the shortest route possible:

  1. Go to, or open the Google Maps app.
  2. Enter your destination or the place you want to go, into the search bar.
  3. Then, Click the “Directions” button
  4. Enter your starting location
  5. Make sure the car icon is selected so Google knows you’re driving.

Google will offer you several different route options with the distance and travel time displayed next to them. If you desire for the shortest route, then select the one with the least distance.

Drawbacks of Google Maps in Finding the Shortest Route

While the Google Maps route planner is beneficial, it has a few drawbacks when compared to other route optimization software:

Only Add Ten Stops: You can only add ten stops to each route on Google. For some people, this may be sufficient, but if you're a busy delivery driver, you'll most certainly require a route optimization program that allows for multiple stops in a single trip.

It Doesn't Optimize Your Route: When you enter your stops, Google doesn't automatically rearrange them to generate the most efficient route for you. If you're not careful, this can lead to a lot of backtracking. To avoid this, plan ahead of time the most logical order for your stops and enter them in that order into Google.


As you can see, Google might not be the best tool for you. Luckily there’s a better solution for those who need to find the shortest route between two locations in Turkey. is a free tool that lets you enter a street name or trip destination in Turkey and calculate the distance between them. It then offers you a precise estimate of your journey from your starting point to your desired destination, as well as plotting your route on the road. On the map, it is possible to observe your direction. In addition, the time it will take to finish the travel will be estimated and displayed on the same page.

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